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08 Feb 15 - 20:52

I love dressing up but i'm happiest in skinny jeans and boots

Fragrance cheap michael kors bags guru jo malone, 47, famous for her candles, bath and beauty products, is married to gary willcox, with whom she built her business.They have a son, josh, nine.She sold her company to estee lauder in the nineties and has just embarked on her first tv series, high street dreams, which helps budding entrepreneurs.She says:

I like clean cut, simple classic lines, a masculine look.In the earlier part of my career i was always in little pinstripe suits, but i wouldn't be seen dead in one now.

I bought a beautiful black hermes jacket the other day, the most expensive jacket i've ever bought, but it's one of the pieces that will stay in my wardrobe for ever.

However, i'm not a bargain hunter.I hate scrapping through rails of things.Can't bear that whole thing.

I love zara, but their sizes are quite small and i have a problem with their jackets they pull across the bust with me.

I had very aggressive breast cancer, and a double mastectomy which meant a tough year of chemotherapy.

I went to live in america to have it all done, and i was very lucky.After reconstructive surgery my boobs don't move, but i'm very happy with them.I'm six years clear, happy and well so i just buy a larger size zara jacket.

High street stuff is great, but i like it better in new york j crew and club monaco, for instance.I wish we had them both here.

I love gap for summer plain white linen jeans and white linen shirts and t shirts.

My fashion disasters happen when i try to copy something i've seen on someone else.I buy them from a shop called trilogy, in duke of york barracks, they do the best jeans in the world, like butter on you.I hate feeling tight and bunchy.My favourites are gold point.They do them in skinny, in flares, and they are expensive, about 180, so not cheap as chips.But they last forever and look amazing.

T shirts:About 20 at any one time.But i've got a real pet hate about grubby bra straps and grey knickers, so the minute a t shirt goes funny, it goes out.Once black starts to fade, or white goes grey, they're out.

Shoes/boots:At least 60 pairs of shoes and 20 pairs of boots, i'm a real squirrel.I've got everything in black suede you can possibly think of, from flats to wedges and high heels.I love my prada boots so much a black pair and a chocolate brown pair i'd go to bed in them if i could!I sometimes customise my black jimmy choo boots by clipping peacock feathers from earrings onto the zips at the back.Amazing!

Silk shirts:About 20, lovely bright pinks, blues, golds, turquoise and i like those long kimono type shirts.And i love the classic white shirt, crisp and starched, but for some reason i can never find the perfect fit.I hate when they go bunchy, i get all hot and bothered.

Handbags:At least 50 handbags, they're my weakness.I have the most amazing collection of anya hidmarsh, going right back, including a black and gold one that i adore, and a very, very old vintage brown prada with bright orange lining and a gold handle.Ooof!They're all kept in big suede boxes, i'm pretty ordered.

Jackets/coats:A lot, at least 25, i'm a big jacket girl.And about eight coats, including a michael kors sale uk lovely long, white jaeger coat.I know it doesn't sound very practical and i do get a bit paranoic if i'm walking the dog and she jumps up, but i don't get fussed.I love them, love them!I love the smell when you've had cologne on, a nice grapefruit or an amber and lavender and you fold it back up and put it in the wardrobe, and then when you bring it out again, it still smells of cologne.Mmmm.

Jo's wardrobe favourites

Louise michael kors uk online kennedy dress(Navy)

My favourite i wore it to buckingham palace to get my mbe, with a wonderful shocking pink philip treacy hat with a big, long feather.I'd invited larry norton, the american doctor who saved my life, to be with me and my husband, and he flew in from the states.

I was so excited to see him that when i leapt out of the car i shut the feather in the door.I had to go

With only half of it on my hat!I keep my mbe in my knicker drawer, by the way.

They're called magic michael kors discount bags uk pants, and they really are.You put them on and they make you look a size smaller, cover the tummy bit and have a lovely flared leg.I've got them in every colour under the sun.

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